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Newton trip publication

2010-09-16 13:31:33 by Ace0fredspades

Namaste everyone

I was really surprised, how many people are watching me here >____<.
So I decided to announce my movies not only at my main page but also at NEWGROUNDz.

I plan newgrounds and D.a. premiere of
'Newton trip' animation on
this saturday 18th of september,
so it would be nice to see you here and get a fair marks from you, people
(as always I don't really care about scores and faves but about how many people will see my work and what percent of them will get the message, that's why frontpage sometimes is importaint.)
hope to have your support
thank you.


Newton trip publication


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2010-09-16 13:54:33

thats on my birthday!

Ace0fredspades responds:

hmmm, congratulations in words from me right now and the gifT will wait for you here on Saturday ^____^


2010-09-18 11:05:36

Your cool.