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Ace0fredspades's News

Posted by Ace0fredspades - December 24th, 2014

If you like effects and characters in my animations and videos - now You can use my animations and effects in Your movie.

Get Content in .mov and .fla here:


Posted by Ace0fredspades - May 14th, 2013

Hello everybody!
As I could see by visiting and voting- you really like my music videos ^_____^
So please support 'Dash it!', my 1st popular music video (you remember it, right? it has like 105 K views even at Newgrounds).
Please vote
at tallenge


you need just to see the link, check an opponent from variants you'll be given to choose from and give a fair vote for what you like more.

That don't require registration and takes just a few seconds.
Right now I'm working at 3 new animations at once, so if you want to support them- please vote for this and further projects ^____^

Posted by Ace0fredspades - February 9th, 2013

Hello everybody!
At 12th of Febuary I will publish here new ManuFaktura animation- please check it out and give a fair mark!
In my arts section you can see one cycled scene from there:
For those who've seen my previous anims and likes Reptile Theme and Budsuba- this one will be also Black and white and based on a dubstep track ^_____^

Posted by Ace0fredspades - May 22nd, 2012

Hello Everybody!

My new musical improvisation short will be posted at 24th of MAY
Movie is called "Reptile Theme"
For all the lovers of BW musical improvisation and dubstep. (If you haven't seen any- check out Budsuba, Dash it! and Mantropa in my Flash gallery)
Hope to see you there and recieve your fair mark ^____^

Reptile Theme animation project

Posted by Ace0fredspades - August 26th, 2011

Happy to see you all here

Preview pic
I'm glad to say that CIRCLE animation project is ready to be published.
It is a 2 minutes conceptual animation touching really many themes.
Premiere date:
august 28 2011

Hope to see you around and get your honest marks and comments.
Thank you

Posted by Ace0fredspades - January 26th, 2011

Hello again everyone!
This is official announce of MANTROPA animation project.
Mantropa is a 200 seconds musical improvisation with some subliminal context.
I plan publishing on 28th of January here and at newgrounds, o if you can- check it out and give a fair mark.

What you see here is one of cycles used in mantropa

Teaser on DA:
Mantropa Teaser

Mantropa animation project

Posted by Ace0fredspades - September 16th, 2010

Namaste everyone

I was really surprised, how many people are watching me here >____<.
So I decided to announce my movies not only at my main page but also at NEWGROUNDz.

I plan newgrounds and D.a. premiere of
'Newton trip' animation on
this saturday 18th of september,
so it would be nice to see you here and get a fair marks from you, people
(as always I don't really care about scores and faves but about how many people will see my work and what percent of them will get the message, that's why frontpage sometimes is importaint.)
hope to have your support
thank you.


Newton trip publication